How Does Corporate Wellness Influence Productivity?

Posted by Elizabeth Sands, MS, CNS on Jun 14, 2019 9:46:19 AM
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These days more and more corporations are searching for ways to help get the team motivated. One way that's picking up traction and getting attention is corporate wellness. While this isn’t necessarily a new concept, it's becoming more and more popular for companies and corporations to take advantage of. So, what does corporate wellness involve, and can it really influence productivity?


Initially, corporate wellness programs were thought of as a job perk, and they were really only seen in very large (and pretty upscale) corporations. But in recent years, it has been revealed that there are many approaches that can be taken to develop and implement a corporate wellness program, as well as many benefits to doing so. Rather than one-size-fits-all, there is something for everyone.

What Is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness is usually a strategic initiative tied to the culture of the company, and it is made up of a combination of programs, courses, tools, resources, strategies, support, and the like to improve the wellness of employees substantially. There are no limitations on the types of things to include in a corporate wellness package, and most of the time they include initiatives that help in more than one area. 

For example, most companies offer their employees a basic health insurance policy, however the more progressive employers are now including Medical Concierge memberships, as well as gym memberships, yoga and mindfulness classes or even social events that promote wellness — essentially, things that target not only the physical body, but also mental health.


Why Do Companies Offer a Corporate Wellness Program?

There are several reasons behind the inclusion of a Corporate Wellness Program, with the primary goal being to help employees stay healthy, active and happy. Corporations understand that if an employee gets hit with a chronic illness or disease, then they could essentially be out of work for weeks, or even months.

Beyond this, companies have also found that by offering a wellness program, the mentality of employees is positively impacted. Improved health, fitness, mental clarity and socialization more often than not result in a surge of productivity and motivation. In short, it’s a win-win for all involved! 


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The Benefits of Corporate Wellness

An accurate list of benefits from a corporate wellness program will largely depend on the exact inclusions of the package. But to generalize, here is a list of potential benefits: 

  • Reduced Chance of Illness
    Almost all corporate wellness programs include some sort of medical or fitness program, and when employees take advantage of this, their physical fitness can be significantly improved. This then results in a lower chance of suffering from heart disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and much more. 
  • Employee Support
    Having supportive policies in the workplace has a huge impact on the wellness of employees. One of the most prominent worker concerns is not having sufficient backing from their employers; including this in a wellness program massively decreases stress levels and provides workers with the help they need.
  • Saving Time Going to the Doctor
    Going to the doctor in Puerto Rico can be a challenging experience. A doctor's appointment to get a prescription can take hours and employees end up wasting a lot of time that affects their productivity. There are some Concierge Medical Clinics that offer appointments in 24 hrs and start on-time. In other instances, telemedicine or e-prescriptions are available through medical apps. This benefit can save a lot of time and energy, and help your employees address medical concerns before they evolve.
  • Co-Worker Relationships
    Many activities and events that are created due to corporate wellness programs help co-workers get to know each other. From this, meaningful friendships are made, and they all have at least one thing in common – their workplace. Research has shown that positive co-worker relationships not only encourage motivation but also help to combat depression. Wellness Retreats are another ideal to foster relationships among team members.
  • Improved Mental Health
    It is no secret that working in a stressful job has a negative impact on a person’s mental health. In fact, a very high number of days used for sick leave boil down to stress or stress-related illnesses. Another reason for employee absence is linked to depression, which can again be traced back to workplace experiences. The same goes for anxiety.
    • Mental health can be as dangerous, if not more so, than physical illness, and in some cases is much harder to seek treatment for. There is no quick fix for mental health issues, and the more that corporations do to help combat it, the better. Wellness programs typically focus heavily on the enhancement of mental health, with participating workers saying that corporate wellness has been their savior. Good examples of benefits some employers are offering to improve mental health, reduce stress and increase productivity are neurofeedback or bodywork like massages, acupuncture, etc.
  • Peak Physical Fitness
    More often than not, workers' lives are consumed by work, family duties, and more work, which leaves little time to exercise. A lot of the time, people would love the chance to burn off some stress (and calories) but simply struggle to fit it into their busy schedules. Corporate wellness generally provides employees with the means to make room for exercise, which then has a positive, multifactorial effect.
    • Healthcare experts have proved that regular exercise can diminish anxiety and depression, as well as lower stress levels. With an active program in place, there will be many opportunities for workers to reach their peak physical fitness. 
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
    Being in better shape and in a better mindset generally equates to reduced healthcare costs. With a reduced chance of being ill and suffering from mental health issues, trips to the doctor become scarce. This results in less downtime and minimized healthcare costs.

How Corporate Wellness Can Influence Productivity


When resources, strategies, support, and fitness opportunities are added to the workplace, team morale strengthens. Stress, depression, and anxiety are all incredibly common nowadays, and those who suffer from them are often closed off. One of the many side effects of mental health conditions is lethargy, which, in turn, has a huge impact on a person's motivation. With many ways to lower stress, depression, and anxiety, mental clarity and motivation are gained. Achieving these causes an influx of productivity across the board.

Newly established relationships further push this productivity, and before long, it spreads like wildfire. Getting back that sense of belonging and importance is what makes employees flourish, and there is nothing that improves motivation more than a little appreciation. 

A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthier individual, but it is something that isn’t always easy to achieve on your own. When businesses take the time to evaluate worker needs and then set up things like corporate wellness programs, they not only help their employees both mentally and physically, but they also help themselves in the long run. Today, more needs to be done to protect the health of workers, and a corporate wellness program can do just that.  

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