Top 5 Benefits of Concierge Medicine for Business People

Posted by Elizabeth Sands, MS, CNS on Feb 18, 2020 11:49:39 AM

There's a reason it's called "business." People in the business world are busy. There’s always another meeting to rush to, a conference to attend, a phone call to make, an email to return… you get the idea.

Success in business depends on a person being mentally and physically fit, and it's often a challenge to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Whether you’re a small business owner, CEO, manager, or in sales, it's impossible to give your top performance if you’re not feeling your best.

This where concierge care comes in, and why Pravan Health is such a great option for business people in Puerto Rico.

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3 Steps to Take Your Health and Wellness to the Next Level in 2020

Posted by Elizabeth Sands, MS, CNS on Dec 31, 2019 11:28:12 AM

Did you know that over 90% of New Year’s resolutions are never kept? It likely doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but since hindsight is 20/20 (couldn’t help a 2020 reference!), we’re here to help you come out on the right side, statistically speaking, this year!

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Self-Care Support to Help You Survive the Holiday Season

Posted by Elizabeth Sands, MS, CNS on Dec 20, 2019 1:43:09 PM


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Concierge Doctors for Act 20/22 Residents in Puerto Rico

Posted by David Melchor on Dec 4, 2019 3:40:45 PM

It’s no secret that there’s been an influx of people moving to Puerto Rico from the mainland looking for warmer weather and lower taxes. The Puerto Rican government’s implementation of several tax decrees collectively known as Act 20/22, to incentive investors, business leaders and successful entrepreneurs to move to the island with their families and generate economic activity, has had a very real impact on our island.

With so many people moving here - and with the healthcare system becoming a major concern, there’s been a growing demand for certain needs to be met.

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Five Tips for Staying Healthy this Thanksgiving

Posted by Leyda Figueroa RD, LND on Nov 14, 2019 5:17:53 PM

If you’re trying to figure out how to create a healthy balance through the holiday season, you’re not alone. The best way to make this Thanksgiving a special occasion is by sharing a meaningful experience with family and friends. The priority should be to connect with your loved ones and share quality time with them. You can do this by being more mindful and conscious of the time you spend together, demonstrating appreciation, and finding some time to play and feel festive. While food can play a central role, holiday engagements are about so much more, and what’s important is to be more present in your everyday life. 

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How Can Corporate Wellness Reduce the Silent Killer - Workplace Stress?

Posted by David Melchor on Sep 12, 2019 6:14:47 PM

Stress, also known as the silent killer - mental or emotional strain or tension that results from adverse or very demanding circumstances – can weigh heavily on a person's health. It can increase a person's risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and many different mental health problems like anxiety and sleeping disorders, something very common among our patient base in Puerto Rico. Stress reduces the quality of life and makes it difficult to handle the day-to-day pressures of living.

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Top 5 Lifestyle Changes for Staying Healthy

Posted by Elizabeth Sands, MS, CNS on Sep 3, 2019 5:33:03 PM

Is there really a need to change your lifestyle when you already eat healthy foods and exercise regularly? Truth be told, living a healthy life goes beyond diet and exercise. You'll likely be surprised at how little tweaks in your lifestyle can improve your overall health.

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What's new at Pravan Clinic (Video)

Posted by Dr. Ruth González on Aug 19, 2019 2:19:47 PM

Hello! For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, I’m Dr. Ruth Gonzalez, VP of Operations for Pravan Health. It’s been a while since I last touched base, but pretty soon we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary, can you believe it? This has a been a fantastic journey, and we’ve been so happy to be a part of so many of our patients’ success stories. I have prepared a 2-minute video with an update for you about Pravan Clinic’s latests news. Just take a couple of minutes to watch it so you can learn more about how we are making a difference in our members’ health.


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Creating Healthy Lifestyle Habits in Your Daily Routine

Posted by Elizabeth Sands, MS, CNS on Aug 13, 2019 6:35:03 PM

Most people dream of leading a healthy lifestyle and being fit, active, and free of health ailments. They want to be as healthy as possible, and while they may have some idea of how to make that happen, they aren’t sure of how to implement this knowledge within their daily routine.

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Puerto Rico Offers an Innovative Medical Solution for Busy People

Posted by David Melchor on Aug 6, 2019 6:28:17 PM

Who has the time to waste a full day waiting to see a doctor in a waiting room full of unhappy patients? Did you know the average time to get a doctor's appointment in Puerto Rico is 2-3 months? Health and wellness are essential to job performance, but in Puerto Rico, it can be really difficult for busy professionals to find the time for these things. Regular medical check-ups, routine lab work and health maintenance are often the first things to go when workplace duties must be the main focus of the day.

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