Let's Get Real About Nutrition This March

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In the midst of our jam-packed lives, where back-to-back meetings blur into late-night emails, and "busy" is everyone's middle name, there's a critical piece of the puzzle often shoved to the back burner: nutrition. Yes, I’m talking about what fuels the very engine of our high-octane lives. This March, as the world dives headfirst into National Nutrition Month®, we take a different route. We're going beyond the mere act of eating and exploring what it truly means to nourish ourselves in the chaos of our everyday lives.

The Unspoken Reality of Our Meals

Let's face it: Our meals often resemble our inbox: full, a bit messy, and sometimes overwhelming. We grab a bite like we're checking off another task on our to-do list. It's sustenance, sure, but is it nourishing? This March, I challenge you to join us in a movement about more than just eating. It's about making every bite count, about turning nutrition from a should-do into a must-do without adding more to your plate—figuratively speaking.

This Year's Theme: Eating Beyond the Table


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Unlocking the Farm-to-Fork Aspect of Nutrition 

This year, National Nutrition Month delves deeper into the intricate web of our food systems with the theme "Beyond the Table." It’s a theme that extends to every facet of our relationship with food–from its origins in the fields to its journey–through distribution channels, from the shelves of grocery stores to the bustling kitchens of restaurants, schools, and homes.

At its core, "Beyond the Table" emphasizes the farm-to-fork aspect of nutrition, urging us to consider the entire journey of our food–from production to consumption. This encompasses understanding where our food comes from, how it's grown or raised, and the environmental and ethical implications of our food choices. By embracing this holistic view, we not only nourish our bodies but also support sustainable food systems that benefit both people and the planet. 

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The Importance of Food Storage and Safety

One of the key pillars of this year's theme is food safety and storage practices. Ensuring that our food is handled and stored properly is crucial for maintaining its nutritional value and minimizing the risk of foodborne illnesses. From proper refrigeration techniques to safe food handling practices, there's much to learn about safeguarding the health of ourselves and our loved ones.

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Expanding Horizons: Embracing Nutritious Choices Beyond Our Kitchens

But "Beyond the Table" isn't just about what happens in our own kitchens. It's about exploring the myriad ways we interact with food beyond the confines of our homes. It's about making conscious choices when dining out and navigating menus to find nutritious options that align with our health goals. It's about advocating for healthier food environments in schools, workplaces, and community events, ensuring that nutritious choices are accessible and affordable for all.

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Sustainability: A Shared Responsibility

We talk about sustainability like it's a choice, but in our world, it's a necessity. This goes beyond just reducing waste or choosing local produce (though those are great starts). It's about understanding the impact of our food choices, not just on our bodies but on our planet. Let's commit to learning one new thing about the sustainability of our meals and taking one actionable step towards a more sustainable plate.


The Collective Power of Knowledge

We know you're savvy, well-read, and always seeking to know more. This month, let's channel that energy into understanding the nutrients that fuel us. Let's demystify labels, discover the power of seasonal eating, and maybe even debunk a few nutrition myths along the way.

To simplify navigating nutrition, try using apps like Yuka or EWG Healthy Living. With them, you can scan grocery items for an easy-to-understand breakdown of nutritional facts and ingredient lists. The best part? Scan your products once to build a personal library, making future shopping trips quicker. Yuka also suggests healthier alternatives and allows you to share your list with anyone assisting in your grocery runs. It’s a game-changer for saving time and making healthier choices effortlessly.

This isn't just another health campaign. It's a call to arms, a rally for the realists among us who know that life doesn't pause for meal prep. We're here to say: that it doesn't have to. Join us in this movement to eat beyond the table. Let's make nutrition tangible, practical, and interwoven with the fabric of our busy lives.
You're not just patients to us; you're partners in this journey. Together, let's redefine what it means to be well-fed in a world that never stops moving.




Step into Your March Routine:

With all this in mind, we challenge you to try to implement these next conscious steps:

Week 1: Conscious Eating 

  • Experiment with recipes and cook with friends and/or family 
  • Use grocery list and meal planning skills
  • Practice home food safety

Week 2: Consult with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)  

  • Receive personalized nutrition info to meet your health goals
  • Learn about the many ways RDNs can help people live healthier lives

Week 3: Eat a Variety of Food from all Food Groups

  • Include your favorite cultural food and traditions
  • Eat foods in various forms, including fresh, frozen, and dried
  • Try new foods or global cuisines

Week 4: Eat with the Environment in Mind

  • Get creative with leftovers and ways to reduce food waste
  • Enjoy more plant-based meals and snacks
  • Buy foods in season and from local farmers when possible
  • Grow food at home or in a community garden


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