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With January behind us and the rest of 2021 ahead of us, we want to remind you that it’s never too late to set an intention to better your health and wellbeing. Over the past year we’ve seen just what a difference a preventative approach to healthcare can make, and our hope is that if there’s a single takeaway from 2020 it’s that there’s no time like the present to prioritize your health.


Our mission at Pravan is to inspire healthy lifestyles, and we want to empower you to find what works for you. We know that no two people are alike, so we’re outlining various steps that can be incorporated into a routine for optimal health. You may already do some of these, or you may not - but because little changes make a big difference over time, we’re inviting you to take a peak, and pick out at least one healthy habit to incorporate into your daily practice.


1. Create a Morning Routine


This one is big! Our society places so much emphasis on productivity that many of us wake up and go everyday, without taking any time in between for ourselves. Creating a morning routine that establishes some space for “me time” can make a huge difference in your day. A solid start would be to wake up early, hydrate first thing, then opt for meditation, movement, or both. You may even like to put on a positive podcast or audiobook as you make a healthy breakfast - just remember that what you start your day with often sets the tone for how it goes, so try to embrace something uplifting. Finally, before you go out into the world (or tune in for virtual meetings and appointments), take a moment to set an intention for your day and/or consider something you feel grateful for.



2. Make Time for Movement


For many, exercising first thing in the morning sets a really incredible tone for the rest of the day, but if mornings aren’t your thing then you can find time to squeeze in some movement whenever works for you. Maybe it’s taking in some fresh air while you go for a walk on your lunch break, running or playing with your dog at sunset (without your phone), tuning in for a virtual class between your daily commitments, or transitioning from work to wind-down with your favorite fitness routine. If you need some extra motivation or want to mix it up, you can even invest in a new piece of equipment (think a rebounding trampoline, exercise bike, resistance bands or even weights). Whatever you go for, know that your mind and body will thank you for it.



3. Optimize Your Nutrition


Nutrition plays a critical role in our approach to preventative health at Pravan. If you’re feeling off-track, or simply want to optimize your diet, now would be an ideal time to consider working with a nutritionist.

While we always prefer a personalized approach to care, there are some fundamentals that most people can benefit from. To eat (and drink) to feel better it’s important to drink plenty of water, minimize caffeine and alcohol consumption, reduce your intake of processed foods and those high in sugar, increase your vegetable and fruit intake, and generally incorporate vibrant colors into your meals. Cooking more meals at home and trying new recipes are also wonderful ways to become more engaged with what you put into your body. Remember, food is medicine, and the food we eat directly impacts our health.



4. Track Your Progress


There’s never been a better time to make changes and track your results. With so many options for wearable devices these days, there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you opt for an Oura ring, Apple watch, Fitbit or any of the other available options, seeing real results over time can provide tremendous motivation, along with personalized insights for ways you can optimize your health.



5. Mindfulness Matters


There’s no question that we live in a world where literally everything is in constant competition for our attention. We know that social media is addictive, and many of us know all too well just how much content is available for us at any given moment we decide to open our favorite streaming platforms. While everything is ok in moderation, it’s really crucial to be aware of what you’re choosing to expose yourself to on a regular basis - and if you think you may be overdoing it, an excellent idea is to start tracking your screen time.

If you aren’t already practicing mindfulness, now is the perfect time to think about what you truly value, and how you can make your time more meaningful. Being mindful of the life you want to live vs. going with the flow can definitely set you up for success - mentally, emotionally, and even physically.



6. Rest Well


Sleep hygiene is paramount to our health, and it’s often overlooked. If you struggle with sleep, or even with your energy levels throughout the day, establishing a consistent schedule for when you go to bed and when you wake up can be a game changer. It’s also helpful to make sure your room is dark, relaxing, and set at a comfortable temperature. Limit screen time for at least an hour before bed, and keep electronic devices out of your room as much as possible. You’ll also want to avoid caffeine, alcohol and large meals in the hours before you wind down. And finally, getting some exercise during the day can help you fall asleep more easily when it’s time to - yet another benefit of moving your body!.



7. Make a List


Anytime you’re trying to create change in your life it can be very helpful to put it in writing. Take some time to really consider what you’d like to change, and how you’re going to do it. Take notes, and set reminders to revisit your list each month to see where you’re making progress, or where there might be some room for improvement. In a matter of months you may find that you’ve made meaningful incremental changes and formed positive new habits!



We hope that this guidance serves you well on your journey to your best health yet. Whether you go all in or opt to try out one aspect of this, know that every step in the right direction is an accomplishment. Over time, all of those little changes really do add up, and that’s where real progress happens!

At Pravan Clinic we focus a great deal of our efforts on helping our patients make the little changes we know will improve their health in the long run. While we also help manage medical needs with convenience, at the end of the day we know that lifestyle cannot be underestimated. As you commit to improving your health, we ask you to keep in mind that small changes really do make a big difference when you are consistent. Keep up the good work - we’re excited for you to become the best version of yourself in 2021!

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