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It’s 11pm and you’re losing sleep over what-ifs. You feel fine, but there is that one thing that runs in your family. Or maybe you don’t feel fine. Was it the sushi? Or that bug that took down half the office last week? You start feeling worse and the thought of going to an ER crosses your mind. What should I do? If I go to the hospital, it is going to be a nightmare with several hours of waiting time.  That doesn't sound like a pleasant experience... 

For everything else in your life, there seems to be an app with access and answers.  For some reason, when your health is on the line, you’re on your own.

Pravan Health is here to change that. We created a new medical system where quick access and personalized health care are offered 24/7 for your convenience, with the level of customer service that you deserve.

We’ve taken the painfully dated doctor’s office experience and redesigned it to create a system focused on keeping you well. One that answers to you, not the insurance companies. We don’t just treat your symptoms, we treat you as a whole person.

It all starts with an app that connects you to your private doctor and care team 24/7; its the XXI century after all!  Whether you’re at home in the middle of the night, or enjoying your weekend with your family, we can answer your questions, send an electronic prescription, schedule an appointment, or figure out the appropriate next steps, even it means sending a doctor to visit you at home or meeting you at the ER.

Concierge Medicine

When you come to our state-of-the-art Concierge Medical Clinic at Ciudadela, you will notice that our waiting room is usually empty. That's because there is no waiting. We will see you at your scheduled appointment time. Our technology enables us to track and centralize your medical records to spare you the boring, redundant paperwork. We don't have to spend valuable resources fighting claims with the insurance company, instead we focus all our attention in keeping you healthy and well.


Pravan Clinic Reception Area

This is Concierge Medicine at its best. Having a team of top doctors that know you by name and care about your health, just one text away. Having a team of care coordinators helping you with that lab order, following-up on that MRI you had pending or simply coordinating that screening colonoscopy that you should have done months ago according to your health plan. Yes, your own personalized health plan so you can get on the top of your game! You can rest well knowing our team will follow-up with you the way your loved ones do. 

Concierge Medicine exists in the United States and has been growing in popularity over the last decade. Today there are over 6,000 clinics and  more than 2 million Americans that pay a "monthly membership fee"  in exchange for better access, a more personalized care and other benefits that go above and beyond what your healthcare plan offers.  


Doctors You Can Trust   

There used to be a time when the doctor was part of the family.  He or she knew every member of the family by name, was familiar with the environment and social dynamics of the family, and even joined for dinners and family gatherings. There was a sense of trust with the doctor that seems to be lost today (average face-to-face time with a doctor is currently 8 minutes). Pravan is connecting top physicians with the latest technology in order to be there for you when you need it and empower you to improve your health and make lasting changes.

Thanks to the membership model, concierge doctors don't need to see 50 patients per day like a regular insurance-based doctor, who manages around 2,000 patients per year.  Concierge doctors can focus on seeing 8-10 patients per day, which means quality time with your doctor who will have time to answer all your questions, get to the root of your problem, and focus on optimizing your health.

Our Medical Concierge model allows for same or next day appointments.  At the time of your appointment, the doctor will see you right away.  Efficient access to care can make all the difference, for example, in the case of a critical diagnosis; it's easier to get an appointment and receive and review results faster.  

Coordinated Care

When your doctor gives you 'homework' like labs, studies, or images to do, often times you forget or don't find the time to take care of what you need to for your health.  Under the current system, once the doctor completes the order, you are on your own.  

Concierge Medicine means having care coordinators following-up and helping you fit these pending orders into your schedule as well as coordinate the appointment, study, or imaging for you.  When the day of the appointment comes, you'll receive plenty of friendly reminders and a check-in after to make sure it actually happened. Health is your greatest wealth.


Technology Empowers You to Take Control of Your Health 

A question to ask...why do the uber and taxi industry have better technology than most traditional healthcare clinics?  In many concierge medicine practices, the use of technology allows patients to use text and telemedicine consults to communicate securely with their care team and avoid a doctors visit for something that is just a quick question. 

Concierge medicine practices are not associated with a large healthcare system, and therefore are able to implement and utilize cutting-edge technology with more agility.  Technology commonly found in these models include electronic health records that patients and other specialists can have access to, telemedicine consults, appointment reminders, online appointment scheduling, remote health monitoring programs that allow doctors to track your weight or blood pressure, and innovative wellness treatments such as Neurofeedback among other applications.  

Combining a layer of modern technology with a healthcare team that has time and resources to dedicate to you provides empowerment to make lasting improvements to your health.  

Pravan Clinic Concierge Medical Services

At Pravan Clinic, 99% of our appointments start on-time, our members experience an average face-to-face time with our doctors of 60 minutes.  We offer same or next day appointments, are flexible to accommodate busy schedules and offer access to text or video call our medical team via a HIPAA compliant patient communication application.  

If a member needs services that we can't provide in our facilities, we help coordinate with external partners for things like labs, imaging, specialist referrals and hospitals. In addition we offer 24/7 urgent care services at our clinic including weekends, so our members can have peace of mind and access when they need it.

Having immediate access to our team of doctors and health counselors, personalized care, wellness and nutrition plan combined with cutting edge technology and a care coordination team at their service empowers members to make lasting, impactful changes to improve and optimize their health.  

Pravan Clinic also offers a Corporate Wellness Membership for forward looking employers who want the best healthcare benefits for their executives and employees.

Take control of your health. Call for an orientation at 787.339.2639 or visit our website for more information about what Pravan Health and our concierge medicine model can do for you.

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