Puerto Rico Offers an Innovative Medical Solution for Busy People

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Who has the time to waste a full day waiting to see a doctor in a waiting room full of unhappy patients? Did you know the average time to get a doctor's appointment in Puerto Rico is 2-3 months? Health and wellness are essential to job performance, but in Puerto Rico, it can be really difficult for busy professionals to find the time for these things. Regular medical check-ups, routine lab work and health maintenance are often the first things to go when workplace duties must be the main focus of the day.


Unfortunately, neglecting one's health and wellness can have a major negative impact. In Puerto Rico some people avoid going to the doctor because they don't have the time to suffer through hours spent waiting to be seen. Not to mention taking care of the necessary follow-ups and selecting, then scheduling with specialists. That is why having access on the go to a team of Primary Care Physicians and Care Coordinators can be a game changer.

But where do you fit your health into a busy schedule? When your attention must be on other responsibilities and obligations – work, family, etc. – how do you find the time to responsibly care for yourself? At a certain point the time spent trying to arrange your schedule to manage your health can become a source of stress in and of itself. So where does that leave you?

This is where health memberships can make all the difference. There is a revolutionary new concept called Concierge Medicine, or health memberships. These memberships usually include services in exchange for a monthly or annual fee, such as quick access to doctors, same or next-day appointments, a hassle-free experience, health and wellness optimization, all with personalized service and 24/7 access. This concept has gained popularity on the US mainland, and now Pravan Clinic is the first Concierge Medical Clinic that offers health memberships in Puerto Rico. 

Puerto Rico's healthcare system is seriously diminished, with less than 10,000 doctors for a population of 3.2 million people. As you can imagine, this has a significant impact on services and availability. There are not many options out there to support the health and well-being of people on the go, who barely have time for what's already in their lives. Enterprising and forward-thinking business owners saw the need to support people in their quest for good health, and identified a need for options that work for even the busiest of people. This has made it easier than ever before for anyone to make health and wellness a priority in their lives.

Pravan Clinic in Puerto Rico

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to incorporate health and well-being into your life is by choosing a good Concierge Medical Practice that offers same-day or next-day appointments, and also quick consults and care coordination using your smartphone. Pravan Clinic located in Santurce, Puerto Rico manages more than 80% of their concierge healthcare business through its HIPAA-compliant Mobile App, and their 24/7 availability can support you in your efforts to achieve better health and have quick access to everything from a prescription refill to a lab order. Pravan Clinic's membership program costs around $150 per month - quite a value for all that becomes available to you, not to mention all the unnecessary stress you leave behind. And best of all, when you need to go to the clinic, you'll experience top-notch facilities and services, though much of your care can be conveniently accessed right from a device you typically have with you throughout the day.

Some of the services Pravan Clinic offers when you become a member are:

Annual Medical Check-ups

When you join Pravan Clinic your membership starts with a ~2.5 hour comprehensive medical check-up that includes a full physical, review of lab work (previously drawn in the comfort of your home or office), vitals, medical history review, EKG, Spirometry and Body Composition. In addition, they perform an initial nutritional evaluation, followed by unlimited visits with their nutritionist. This annual exam is repeated once a year to compare results and key markers. In some instances lab work and follow ups may occur quarterly, in order to monitor progress on certain conditions.  


Concierge Primary Care

The primary care team includes physicians, nurses, nutritionists and care coordinators, in order to safeguard your health and manage your medical needs.

24/7 Access

Pravan's medical team is accessible to our members through their HIPAA compliant mobile App to assist via call, text, email or video chat. If you have a need for after-hours care, they offer Urgent Care services for a fee so you can avoid the hassle of an Emergency Room.

Care Coordination

When using Pravan's Mobile App, members are able to communicate with their medical team like you chat with friends over text or through Whatsapp, Their team of doctors is always be there to help you with a quick question or request, as well as with prescriptions, imaging, lab work and coordination of appointments for referrals with other doctors outside their clinic.Pravan-CareCoordination

Quality Time With Your Doctor

Get to actually sit down and talk to your primary care specialist, allowing them to get to know you without being rushed out the door. Pravan's physicians see one-third of the patients the average doctor sees, giving them time to evaluate and understand your full medical picture.

Next Day & On-Time Appointments

Busy people need a practice that appreciates and respects their time; this means having same or next day on-time appointments. Pravan Clinic also offers online appointment booking so that you can manage your own schedule according to your needs, from the comfort of your phone or computer. 

Membership Model

Similar to gyms or social clubs memberships, Medical Concierge Clinics set you up with a membership that includes enough to manage and optimize your health. As opposed to using your health insurance plan every time you go to the doctor, at Pravan you pay a set membership fee that includes up to 12 total visits a year, though most people use around a quarter of these since so much can be accomplished through care provided in the Mobile App. Members only pay out-of-pocket for special services like IV vitamin drips, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, neurofeedback and wellness coaching. Basic medical check-ups, an annual gynecologist exam and unlimited nutritionist consultations are all included in the membership price. Pravan-QuickDoctorCall

You will also be able to use your health insurance plan in combination with the membership, for example if you have a referral to see a sub-specialist, an imaging order or lab work. It all depends on the insurance coverage that you currently have.

Corporate Wellness

Pravan Clinic also offers a Corporate Wellness membership for employers who are looking to improve the healthcare benefits of their executive team. If you are a CPA, lawyer, a consultant or an independent contractor that bills by the hour, you probably cannot afford to wait 2 months for an appointment to see a doctor and then, the day of the appointment wait for 3 hours to be seen.

In summary, these type of practices usually work well for busy people that want to be proactive with their health and have access to a trusted medical and wellness team. Pravan Clinic opened in 2017, and has a growing base of loyal members who consistently report being satisfied with the experience. 


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