Corporate Wellness: Rethinking Employee Health and Corporate Productivity

2 minute read | Posted by Elizabeth Sands, MS, CNS on Oct 5, 2018 5:31:06 PM
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Preventive care has fallen by the wayside for many companies and their employees, and understandably so. The current conventional healthcare model is ridden with obstacles and inefficiencies, and attempting to keep up with basic health needs has become far more complicated and burdensome than many have the time or energy to navigate. Unfortunately, this poses a real risk for businesses, as personal health has become less of a responsibility for the individual and more of a burden for the employer.

Reactive, rather than proactive, healthcare leads to increased costs, absenteeism, inefficiencies, and a less productive work environment. Health insurance for employees can be one of the largest costs incurred throughout the fiscal year, and preventable illness and disease is one of the major driving forces behind this. The question arises: How do we create a space for employees to conveniently access the care they require and deserve in a consistent and meaningful way?


Pravan’s Commitment to Your Employees

At Pravan Health we provide a personalized, coordinated, and holistic approach towards healthcare. We have designed a hassle-free experience for executives who appreciate efficiency and quality. Our primary care team includes board certified physicians, nutritionists, nurses, care coordinators and wellness practitioners who are uniquely positioned to safeguard your team’s health and manage their wellness needs. From coordinating appointments with external specialists, following up on lab or imaging results, or facilitating e-prescriptions, at Pravan Health we create a seamless process and focus on an integrated approach towards the healthcare experience.

As a boutique medical concierge clinic, we at Pravan set the highest standard for our members. We combine modern medicine and technology for instant communication and care coordination, including same or next-day scheduled appointments. Our primary care team is standing by 24/7 to provide your team with immediate assistance via telephone, text and video chat. Should the need arise, our members also have access to home visits and urgent care services.


A New Approach to Prevention

As members of Pravan Health, your employees will receive quality care with an emphasis placed on prevention of health conditions before they can affect employee performance and healthcare costs. By educating your workforce about diet and nutrition, sleep, stress, and general wellness, we will empower them with the tools needed to best care for themselves throughout life. The knowledge of how to create and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle is not only an invaluable gift, but it is also a worthwhile investment that yields major returns.

Adding Additional Value:

By working with both your executive team and employees to better understand your company’s strategic goals, we are able to identify the best points for intervention within your current practices. In order to drive company culture forward in a positive way, we will create an organizational plan to support well-being within the workplace. While addressing physical health is paramount, there are many other impactful ways to energize employees. A holistic engagement model addresses employee behaviors and commitment as they relate to overall business goals.

A Culture of Wellness

One of the major benefits of a corporate commitment to wellness, as opposed to one on an individual level, is that there is power in numbers. When one individual is faced with the idea of change, there is often a fair amount of resistance; but when a larger group buys in, the level of transformation becomes that much more profound. This level of engagement has positive, and in the end quantifiable, effects throughout the company culture. Once a few people get on board, there is a sort of snowball effect, and changes that might have seemed daunting initially become normalized much more quickly, naturally enhancing company culture. Improved employee health and wellness increases job satisfaction, productivity, and work/life balance. Healthy employees are happy employees, and positive people create a positive work environment.


At Pravan Health we offer tailor-made Executive Medical check-ups, Concierge Medicine and Wellness memberships for companies that embrace health and wellness as a key element of their culture and strategy.


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