Getting Yourself into Shape with a Concierge Nutritionist

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Believe it or not, nutrition involves a lot more than just a balanced diet. It dives right into the science of the foods that we eat, and helps to identify what our bodies actually need. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in terms of nutrition, as we all have varying needs. So how exactly can a nutritionist help, and how can you get into shape with the new concept of a concierge nutritionist?


What Does a Nutritionist Do?

Despite what some might think, nutrition is a very broad area which requires specific and in-depth training. The main goal of a professional nutritionist is to assess the effect that nutrition has on a person and help them to plan cleaner eating habits and to lead a healthier life. After all, food is the best medicine.

There are a variety of areas that a nutritionist will have experience and training in including biology, chemistry, behavior change psychology, and counseling. A nutritionist will first evaluate a client during a consultation before educating them and developing a customized plan of action.

The Benefits of a Concierge Nutritionist

Committing to a concierge style nutritionist plan is a more dedicated approach compared to a standard nutrition program. It is often indicated for those who struggle to stick within the parameters of dieting and exercise, which tends to be the majority of the population. You have the ability to complete one-on-one coaching with plenty of time dedicated to planning and education. It also makes room for behavior change and accountability, which increase the likelihood of success. It's more of long-term relationship, with a potential combination of physical encounters, telemedicine consultations and even visits to the supermarket.

With a concierge nutritionist, your goals and health come first - anything you wish to know, your nutritionist is happy to advise on. The nutritionist is usually working in a team with a Primary Care Physician and a Wellness Coach for a more integrated and holistic approach. In Puerto Rico, Pravan Clinic offers this kind of private and convenient concierge service for those who want a more personalized experience.

Nutrition - What Is it?

There are key nutrients that the body absolutely needs.

  • Fats
    Fats promote joint health by providing lubrication and reducing inflammation. They also assist with encouraging a balance in hormones and keeping the brain healthy. 
  • Protein
    Mostly found in meats and fish, proteins are necessary to maintain muscle mass and fuel the body with energy. 
  • Carbohydrates
    Sometimes looked at in a negative light, carbohydrates come in two forms - simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. They remain a vital part of nutrition as they provide energy, are high in fiber and key to weight management.
  • Water
    It may seem obvious, but water is, of course, essential for our health. Without it, living things die, and so water is one of the most important components of life itself. 
  • Vitamins
    There are multitudes of vitamins that are beneficial for our health, and while they aren’t always needed in large quantities, they are still very important. Vitamins can help with healing, improving the immune system, and converting food into energy.
  • Minerals
    Most of the time, all necessary minerals are naturally consumed in a balanced diet. But due to their high importance, they need to be classified separately. 

While they do concentrate heavily on what goes into our bodies, nutritionists are also focused on improving overall health and preventing disease. There is most definitely a science to food and how it reacts within our bodies, and a nutritionist will have a thorough understanding of this. 

The necessary nutrients that we need are split into two groups - macronutrients and micronutrients. As the names suggest, macronutrients are nutrients that we need high volumes of, and micronutrients are ones that the body needs in lower quantities.

Why General Dieting Fails

If you have tried following any trending diets and failed, then you will probably be able to relate to this. Some people achieve exceptional results from a particular diet, but this isn’t always the case for everyone. The truth behind this is that our bodies and metabolism are all different. Some people find it easier to lose or maintain weight than others.

But that’s not to say that people with slower metabolisms can’t lose weight. It just means that they need a bit of extra help to find out what works for them and what doesn’t in terms of diet and exercise. This is when a concierge-style nutritionist integrated into a concierge medical setting is especially useful, as you have support for the entire journey. 

Not only will your nutritionist help you come up with a suitable and efficient educational program and key recommendations based on your health profile and medical history, but sometimes they will also come up with a suggested exercise program to complement the standard program.


How Can a Concierge Nutritionist Help You Get into Shape?

In a concierge clinic like Pravan Clinic in Puerto Rico, a concierge nutritionist is part of a medical team, so a patient will first start by having a consultation with their Primary Care Doctor to discuss their labs, review their history, and establish their health goals. They will explore their current lifestyle and circumstances, as well as any underlying medical conditions. This includes, long or short-term illnesses, chronic diseases, hereditary conditions, and the like. Once all current and potential issues have been considered, they will then begin to create a plan for moving forward.

Rather than having to fill-out tons of papers, the typical nutritional journal occurs through Pravan Clinic's App where members can take pictures of their food intake and send them straight through a HIPAA compliant mobile App. The pics are received by the nutritionist for a 3-day period so she can have an idea of the current diet. 

Part of the consultation will include collecting details about previous experience with dieting and exercise. This helps to get a better understanding of how your body reacts to diet and exercise. Your concierge nutritionist will also want to know what your favorite foods are and whether or not you have any allergies. When all of the required information has been collected, they will then start to put into place a regimen designed for a healthier lifestyle. But it doesn’t stop there. 

Concierge nutritionists aren’t just around to put together a plan of action; they stick around to follow up on how you are doing and what can be improved. They don’t expect to see immediate results, and neither should you. Along the way, any downtime, behavior changes, and adaption times are accounted for to ensure that your new, healthier lifestyle has the best chance of success. If at any point your goals shift, then your nutritionist will be on hand to make the appropriate alterations. All of this is supported by technology, which allows for 24/7 access to an App for quick questions or a consultation when you are not sure what to eat.

If there is one thing you take away from this, it should be that a healthy lifestyle is achievable. No matter what your background is or what your experiences have been, there is a plan available for you.


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