How Pravan Clinic Can Help You Through the Coronavirus

2 minute read | Posted by Dr. Tania Rivera on Mar 5, 2020 4:52:55 PM

With the coronavirus in full-swing and showing no signs of slowing down, we are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. In times like these it becomes especially clear that quality healthcare can make all the difference in a person’s outcome. Whether through health and wellness optimization or risk management, we are here to support our members' needs.


Optimize Your Health

As part of our preventive healthcare model, Pravan includes a comprehensive annual physical with your membership. For ideal health optimization, it’s important to make sure you are up to date with your annual check-up, including recent labs. Our Pravan doctors have the tools to help you build a robust immune system, and are invested in helping you take your health to the next level.

Your Pravan membership ensures that you have a doctor who will spend as much time as needed with you (an average annual gets you two hours of quality time with your doctor) to make a proper assessment of your current health status. During a thorough review of your health history, along with any present issues or concerns, your doctor will be able to identify any condition(s) such us high blood pressure, diabetes or heart problems. Proper identification and management of these factors can help you avoid the risk of complications, which will also improve your outlook in the event you get infected.

Balance Your Diet


In addition to primary care, a Pravan membership includes access to our concierge nutritionist who will guide you in optimizing your diet. Since food is medicine, eating right is especially important during this outbreak. Research has shown that people who eat nutrient-rich diets have increased chances of fighting off infections.

Boost Your Immune System


There are a number of tools Pravan can provide you to boost your immune system:

  • IV Vitamin infusions can help give your body that extra push you need in times of crisis. 
  • Vitamin B12 shots are available at the clinic and can help support and strengthen your immune system.
  • Supplements can help balance your body’s needs and boost your immunity, which help to both prevent and fight off infections. The most popular ones we recommend are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega 3, Zinc, Elderberry and Echinacea.
  • Stress is toxic and can have a major impact on a person’s immune system. A relaxing massage or neurofeedback therapy can help calm your mind and body, and provide much-needed relief for your system.

Manage Your Risk 


In-App Consults

Your Pravan membership includes unlimited communication through our mobile app. In the event that you develop symptoms or start feeling sick, the most important thing is to have immediate access to a doctor who can guide you as things progress and monitor your needs remotely. Your doctor can help direct your next steps and clarify questions such us: Should I go to the ER? Is it time to get tested? 


If self-isolation or quarantine is necessary, you’ll want to have access to a trusted physician that knows your medical history and can give you the right advice. At Pravan clinic we are proud of our double board-certified infectologist Dr. Yolanda Rodriguez, who is helping guide our preparations and recommendations, including by writing our blog on the coronavirus. She is an asset that you want by your side if worst comes to worst. 

Electronic Prescriptions

Our technology makes it possible for us to send e-prescriptions that go directly from our clinic to your nearest pharmacy for convenient pick-up. Because when time is of the essence, every little detail counts.

Care That Makes a Difference

While we are hopeful that things reach a positive resolution quickly and that our island is spared, we recognize the importance of being prepared. Whether it’s during the day-to-day or in times of crisis, having a medical team you can trust on your side makes all the difference. 

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