A Guide to Making (and Keeping) a New Year's Resolution to Improve Your Health

Posted by Elizabeth Sands, MS, CNS on Dec 28, 2018 7:14:22 PM
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Did you know that less than 10% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions? It sounds like a crazy statistic, but it likely comes as no surprise. Can you remember the last time you made and kept a New Year’s resolution? Read on for some tips on how to become the healthier version of yourself.

The most common resolutions relate to health, so much so that we can even refer to them as the classics. “Be healthy.” “Lose weight.” “Get fit.” Odds are you or someone you know has made one of these. Though they seem simple enough, there’s often one fundamental missing piece: a plan. That’s why this year we’re giving you a roadmap. We know this works because it’s what we do at Pravan Clinic, and we see people succeed in reaching their goals all the time. We’ve even broken it down into three simple steps which we'll be detailing further over the course of the month. Follow this, and you may just be a different version of yourself by the time 2020 rolls around!



1. Find a Doctor You Can Trust Who Cares About You

We understand your aversion to the typical doctor’s office… coordinating the visit, killing time waiting to actually see the doctor, then having to follow up on any tests they’ve ordered. We get it, it’s not fun. This is exactly why we've solved many of these problems for you. An annual comparison of your vitals, labs, and management of any new or preexisting conditions is necessary, and staying on top of this can help you avoid little problems turning into big ones. If there’s one thing you do, do this.


2. Fuel Your Body with a Balanced Diet and Exercise

What is a balanced diet? After weeks of overindulging, this concept may seem a bit foreign. Though everyone's needs vary on an individual basis, there are some core principles that we know can benefit everyone. Eating a diverse array of colorful, whole foods and avoiding those which are processed is an excellent first step. 

There's a common emphasis placed on eating right and exercising for aesthetic purposes, but this ignores the many benefits they produce. Physical fitness is not only important for building a strong body, but also a strong mind. Being active on a regular basis can reduce stress, improve sleep, and bring natural harmony to the body. Find something that works for you, and challenge yourself to move your body a minimum of three days a week. 



3. Commit to Self-Care

You work hard, and you likely play hard from time to time (flashback to the past few weeks… yikes!), but how do you take care of yourself? It can be hard to slow down, but a little mindfulness can go a long way. Commit to a practice that brings a sense of calm to your mind this year. Whether it's meditation, spending more time in nature, reading, or building a better bedtime routine (good sleep should never be sacrificed!), it's always important to have an "off switch" at your disposal. At Pravan Clinic we’ve incorporated Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Neurofeedback and IV Vitamin Drips into our offerings. Our patients are loving them, and we’re seeing some incredible shifts!



Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we dive deeper into each of these steps!


Anything can be achieved with the right mindset and a clear course, and if you're resolved to “get healthy” this year, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t succeed. That said, we know life can be crazy, schedules can fly by the wayside, and even the best laid plans can fail. So if this sounds fantastic, but seems slightly intimidating, then know that there’s another option. At Pravan Clinic we can help you with all of this, and much more. Beyond the basic (and not-so-basic) services we offer, we have next-level care coordination to ensure that even if you get off track, you get right back on. Seriously, if you thought your mother was on top of you… just wait until you see the magic that comes from our HIPAA compliant Mobile App!

The reality is, we’ve all been in your shoes, and we want you to succeed. We’ve worked hard to crack the code, and now you can benefit in a major way. If you sign up to become a member between now and January 31st you will receive your Initial Medical Evaluation and Health Optimization Plan for free (a $500 value). This takes a $2,300 membership to $1,800 or $150 per month. Happy New Year to you!

So how exactly does this work?

Easy, just comment below with your preferred contact info and we will be in touch with you. You may also reach out directly to our Membership Director, Ambar, at 787-414-1119 or at Ambar.Lopez@PravanHealth.com if you have any questions about our New Year Promotion.


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