Intravenous Therapy: The Best Way to Give Your Body What it Needs

Posted by Dr. Tania Rivera on Oct 13, 2018 12:43:39 PM


An IV vitamin drip or IV infusion refers to the process of providing concentrated levels of vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream.  When nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids are injected directly into the bloodstream, they bypass the digestive system and are pushed directly into cells where they can be more effectively utilized by the body.  

IV therapy has been used for decades in hospitals as a treatment option for conditions like dehydration, infections, or malabsorption disorders, among others.  Lately, in the US, there are more independent clinics and house call services popping up that aim to provide IV vitamin treatment outside of crowded hospitals.

Why are people using IV vitamin drips?

The trend started when people were looking for a faster way to hydrate, for example before or after a long flight or after alcohol consumption.  One bag of IV fluid can be equal to drinking eight glasses of water.

Also, people with conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome are using IV vitamin drips for symptom relief.  In addition, there is a population that seeks IV vitamin drips to improve aspects of their health and wellness like nutrition, athletic performance, energy levels, beauty, or for an immunity boost.



Most Common IV vitamin Drip Components & Their Benefits

  • Vitamin C – boosts the immune system and helps fight flu and other viruses
  • B vitamins – improves attention, focus and energy
  • Magnesium – relaxes and supports every cell in the body, a supplement for athletic performance and recovery
  • Zinc and Selenium – supports the thyroid, immune system and healing of wounds
  • Amino acids – enhances brain health
  • Glutathione – known for anti-aging, anti-cancer and even as a preventative nutrient for Parkinson’s disease

 Curious about trying an IV vitamin drip?

The journey to health and wellness is a slow process, and IV drips are just one piece of the puzzle towards a healthier lifestyle.  Having consistently good nutrition, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, using medical grade supplements, and maintaining a close relationship with your doctor are ways that Pravan Health works to optimize your health to help create the whole picture.  

If you’re curious about trying an IV vitamin drip, here are a few examples of times when you may find the most benefit...

  • Before or after traveling - specially long flights to avoid jetlag
  • Experiencing flu like symptoms
  • Low energy, body weakness
  • Day after alcohol consumption
  • Overwhelmed with stress
  • Before or after athletic performance
  • Preparing for a special event

Pravan Clinic IV Vitamin Drip Experience

Physician Involvement

Choosing your own IV vitamin drip concoction without a physician’s supervision can be dangerous.  Your Pravan Clinic physician will complete a personal review of your medical history, medications, and allergies(already available in your electronic health record!), and can recommend a treatment accordingly.  

At the time of treatment, you can feel safe with a doctor on-site and a registered nurse available to monitor the infusion.  

Peaceful Environment

Depending on the drip selected, the treatment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  

During that time, our members have access to receive IV drips in a beautiful setting with the comforts of home including amenities like netflix, noise-cancelling headphones, wifi so you can stay connected (only if you want to!), blankets, tea, and a private space to sit back and relax.

Convenience and Care Coordination

The appointment will be coordinated for you in advance and tailor-made IV drip ordered on your behalf.  You won't have to wait in a line on the day of your drip; just show up at your appointment time, and we will take care of the rest.

What are some of the IV vitamin drips Pravan Clinic offers?

See our website for the most up-to-date list of IV vitamin drips available at Pravan Clinic, or call us at 787-339-2639 to learn more about which drip is best for you.
pravan members can invite to try IV drips in pravan to 5 friends and family 

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