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Posted by Elizabeth Sands, MS, CNS on Mar 15, 2019 7:33:09 PM
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We've noticed that many of our patients don't make it to their annual gynecologist visit, even when they clearly recognize the importance of this appointment. An annual gynecological exam is a fundamental part of preventive medical care for women, and is critical for identifying any risk factors for disease (cancers, in particular) as well as detecting any existing medical issues. This is an appointment to make, not miss!

Having said this, we understand why it happens. When you're busy balancing work, family, or just life in general, it's very hard to consciously commit to spending hours or more waiting to see a physician, which is typically the case in Puerto Rico. We know you’ve got a lot going on, and the last thing we want is for your hectic schedule to prevent you from taking care of yourself.


Here to Help

Since your health should always be a priority, we are now providing concierge-level gynecology services at Pravan Clinic. By introducing these services to our clinic we are now able to offer these appointments "the Pravan way" - meaning, no waiting time, convenient care coordination and direct access to our medical team through our HIPAA compliant mobile app 24/7, efficiency (so you can be in and out in under an hour!), and weekly availability. All happening within the peaceful and hassle-free environment of Pravan Clinic.

What to Expect

What exactly happens during these exams depends on a person’s age, sexual history and medical history. An annual exam, also known as a Well-Woman Exam,” includes the following:

  • breast examination
  • pelvic examination
  • pap smear (if necessary)
The physical part of the exam typically takes around 10 minutes, and includes time before and after the exam to ask and answer any questions you and your physician may have. If your doctor identifies any areas of potential concern, you may be asked to return for additional appointments, testing or treatments but prevention is the focus.




Adding Value to the Pravan Clinic Experience

At Pravan Clinic we know that these services are an essential part of primary care for our female patients, which is why our memberships now include gynecology as a compliment to the other services we provide. With the addition of Dr. Arturo Gigante at our clinic we are able to include an annual gynecological exam in each female patient’s membership. Follow-up or new issue appointments at the clinic may be purchased for $150, or you may visit Dr. Gigante at his private practice if you wish to use local insurance.


Our patient-centered approach to medicine means that we are constantly exploring ways to add value for our members, and offering concierge-level care for this specialist service seemed like the perfect next-step. We are so happy to have made this move, and have been extremely pleased with the feedback we have been receiving.   


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