Five Tips for Staying Healthy this Thanksgiving

Posted by Leyda Figueroa RD, LND on Nov 14, 2019 5:17:53 PM

If you’re trying to figure out how to create a healthy balance through the holiday season, you’re not alone. The best way to make this Thanksgiving a special occasion is by sharing a meaningful experience with family and friends. The priority should be to connect with your loved ones and share quality time with them. You can do this by being more mindful and conscious of the time you spend together, demonstrating appreciation, and finding some time to play and feel festive. While food can play a central role, holiday engagements are about so much more, and what’s important is to be more present in your everyday life. 


Having said this, it’s undeniable that on Thanksgiving day, food can be considered the guest of honor. Because we want you to feel your best, here are five tips to help you enjoy this special time without compromising your health.

Practice “mindful eating”

This means that while you are eating or making choices about what you eat, you can practice connecting your mind and body to make yourself more conscious in the moment. Ask yourself “why am I eating or drinking this?” Then think, is it to relieve stress or because you’re enjoying what you’re consuming? Are you eating those cookies because you really want them or because they are available? 

Ask yourself: Am I really hungry?

Check in with yourself to see how hungry you actually are. What are you truly hungry for? Eating is a connection. Making a connection between your emotions and the food that you choose will help equip you with the tools to nurture your body properly.

Plan ahead

When deciding what to bring a party, focus on foods that are nutrient dense, like a nice salad full of colors. You may also find it helpful to have healthy snacks on hand to eat before going to the holiday parties. This way you can avoid getting too hungry, which can sometimes lead to binge eating.

Drink wisely

Although alcohol will likely be abundant, it's important to find a balance between alcoholic beverages and essential hydration. Remember to drink a glass of water between cocktails, and avoid sugary drinks, since they'll be the ones you'll feel most the next day. But if you do happen to overindulge, remember that an IV vitamin drip can help you bounce back much faster - so you'll have energy to enjoy an extended holiday (or brave Black Friday shopping).

It's not just a day

Remember that if you follow a balanced diet and are conscious and mindful each day, there’s no need to feel guilty about a single day’s choices. This concept generally works out well, but seems to be thrown out the window once we dive into the holiday season. While you may think a holiday meal only comes around once a year, the reality is that we tend to start our celebrations in late November, and before we know it we are well into the New Year with many events and social gatherings during December and January. Being aware of this can help us find opportunities for balance, and reasons to say no from time to time.

The holidays should be an ideal time to slow down and spend meaningful time with the people in your life who matter most; however, excessive parties combined with over-eating and drinking can steer us off course. Finding a balance between the food and festivities will help ensure an enjoyable experience all around!

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