13 Things to Know About your Concierge Medical Clinic


Do you know the main differences between a traditional medical clinic and a medical concierge practice? In this blog, we explain some of the services that make a concierge medical clinic unique and attractive for some patients that are looking for better access, service and a more personalized medical experience.

As one of the first medical concierge clinics on the island, Pravan Clinic is proud to offer comprehensive support beyond what’s offered in a traditional clinical setting. With a focus on primary care and preventative medicine, we’ve built a model that gives our patients next-level access to our doctors, medical team, and additional supportive services.

Much like a hotel concierge, we give requests the priority they deserve, and provide fast-track access to deliver care with convenience.

This means that Pravan members have access to our medical team 24/7, either at our clinic, through our Mobile App, or via our Urgent Care services. We are also committed to providing the following services:

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Self-Care Support to Help You Survive the Holiday Season


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What's new at Pravan Clinic (Video)

Hello! For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, I’m Dr. Ruth Gonzalez, VP of Operations for Pravan Health. It’s been a while since I last touched base, but pretty soon we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary, can you believe it? This has a been a fantastic journey, and we’ve been so happy to be a part of so many of our patients’ success stories. I have prepared a 2-minute video with an update for you about Pravan Clinic’s latests news. Just take a couple of minutes to watch it so you can learn more about how we are making a difference in our members’ health.


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5 Main Advantages of Concierge Medicine

Ever feel like your doctor doesn’t spend enough time with you to know what exactly your problem is? Most physicians currently try to see as many patients as they can in a day, which can lead to some severe issues. A doctor who spends less than 10 minutes with you will not have the best idea of what is going on with your health. There is a better way to get the type of healthcare you need and deserve, and it is known as Concierge Medicine. 

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Health Hacks to Help You Survive the Holiday Spirit


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Why this medical concierge clinic is the preferred destination for Act 20 / 22 residents


There are 3 main reasons why Pravan Clinic is becoming the most popular health and wellness destination for Act 20 22 residents.


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3 Razones por las que patronos y ejecutivos adoran este nuevo beneficio para su salud


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